Stateside with Cynthia Canty

Andy and I talked to Cynthia Canty of Michigan Radio WUOM,etc. recently about gun violence.  Steve Thiry, Head of FM at St. Joe’s Ann Arbor,  helped set this up- thanks, Steve! Here’s the link The MIchigan Academy of Family Medicine heard it and wants an article in their quarterly. Anyone want to help with […]

Three Year Anniversary

Dear Docs, Andy and I got our start with PPGV 3 years ago after Tucson and Gabby Giffords shooting. We had tried after Virginia Tech and when the mayor rebuffed us we stopped. 32 deaths there got our attention and then Gabby made us more determined.  Gabby has a great editorial in the New York […]

Three new happenings for 2014

Hi Doctors, 3 new happenings for the New Year 2014: 1. Steve Thiry, Head of Family Medicine at St. Joe helped us get a spot on Cynthia Canty’s “Stateside”  Michigan Radio program. Andy Zweifler and I will record a short 6-8 minute interview early next week. Let us know if there is anything you think […]