Facebook and other Social Media, Organizing Doctors’ Groups

Chart Notes: As we go forward as Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence we think we need to have more connection to our group. We want to get your ideas and support. Support us by liking or SHARING ppgv on Facebook. This gives us a way to reach you and your friends with our message. We […]

June- National Gun Violence Awareness Month

June is National Gun Violence Awareness Month. PPGV is participating in ASK Day on June 21 and really all month. The question everyone should ask is ” Do you have a unlocked gun in your home?”  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has led with this ASK campaign with the belief that making children’s playtime […]

Upcoming Talk at Friends Meeting House

Upcoming- Andy Zweifler is leading a discussion on Gun Violence:Causes and Prevention at the Friends Meeting House at 1420 Hill on June 3. This is another opportunity for interested parties in the local area to meet and become informed about varous aspects of gun violence, a public health crisis claiming more lives than automobiles and […]