June- National Gun Violence Awareness Month

June is National Gun Violence Awareness Month. PPGV is participating in ASK Day on June 21 and really all month. The question everyone should ask is ” Do you have a unlocked gun in your home?”  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has led with this ASK campaign with the belief that making children’s playtime safer will save lives. 

Just in time- PPGV also has a new Gun Safety Handout on this issue for physicians’ offices with the AAP’s recommendations that guns be safely stored. Write back to order yours.
There is a related statement that physicians should know according to national experts- “Good family doesn’t let troubled members stay in a home with guns.” Suicide causes more deaths than homicide. Take the guns out of the home for 6 months if someone is struggling. These kids act on impulse and may find the gun and use it.
And we need some family physicians for July 18 MAFP Annual Meeting in Lansing. Can you come and support PPGV’s and MAFP’s effort to bring gun violence to our state agenda? Write back if you can to jswalden@umich.edu. This is very important!
We need your dues and cotributions. Go to our Donate page to do this.

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