MAFP affirms Proactive Stand on Gun Violence

The Michigan Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) voted on Fri., July 18 at their Annual Meeting to affirm the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) call for multiple actions that reduce gun violence. These include background checks, additional research into gun laws and regulations with the intention of reducing deaths and injuries from firearms, and enforcement of existing laws.

In addition, very importantly, the MAFP  resolved to taking a leadership role in firearm violence, partnering for  legislation, opposition to guns in gun free zones, and education of the membership in gun violence reduction.

These resolutions had the support of the entire board of directors and the medical school faculties in Family Medicine at MSU and Wayne State University as well as the chair of UM FM and head of FM at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. J Pegg’s Support Letter

These resolutions were proposed by family physicians who were MAFP members and also members of  Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence Thus MAFP joins with AAP in trying to reduce gun injuries and deaths. The American Academy of Pediatrics annual issue for 2014- Gun Violence Prevention- public health approaches to lessen the 30,000 deaths, 80,000 injuries and $2 Billion in medical bills each year.

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