Thanksgiving Time- Lots happening.

We are thankful for some notable achievements for PPGV this year. We think that informing you over several days may be best.
Today we are highlighting the Michigan Academy of Family Practice’s (MAFP) new leadership role in gun violence prevention.
The cover story of the Fall 2014 Michigan Family Physician is devoted to Gun Violence and links to an interview with the new president Tina Tanner, MD and me and the recently passed resolutions at the MAFP Annual Meeting resolving to be strong, active leaders as well as prompting the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), too.
MAFP Family Physician Cover story on the Resolutions and PPGV efforts. (Nov/14).

We thank Anne Kittendorf MD, who wrote the resolutions and helped champion them. Steve Thiry MD, Head of Family Medicine, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, Jim Peggs MD, Professor of FM UM, Phillip Zazove MD, Head of FM UM, William Wadland MD, Head of FM MSU and Tsveti Marcova MD, Head of FM at WSU all contributed strong letters of support. The MAFP leadership and Board of Directors were strongly supportive. The measures passed unopposed by the membership
Many thanks, Michigan Doctors you made this effort to become MAFP leaders against gun violence success! You make us proud and thankful!

Next, the AAFP response.
Jerry for the Exec. Committee

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