A “Good Night” at WCMS. And a “storm” brews with Senator Green’s bill (SB 0442) on Guns in Schools.

Last night 9/15/15 was a presentation to the Washtenaw County Medical Society by Drs. Lewis, Peggs, Walden and Zweifler on “Gun Violence and Firearm Safety: the Physician’s Role.” It was stimulating! There was a lively discussion by the 45 or so attending. Points were made about guns not being “child proof” if they were not “adult proof” – a gun safe is an initial purchase before a gun. Guns could be stored in a pawn shop while someone was recovering from mental illness. Most voted to remove guns while a depressed family member got well. And when confronted with an armed patient in the office you can call law officers for trespass or engage in why he brought it. Handle it carefully to prevent accidental discharge. Discharge is also quite possible when re-holstering a gun. Many ideas to ponder.
We had lots of favorable comments and 6 or 7 new members signed on. The dinner and evening were both fine- WCMS was most hospitable!
Next, the MSU gun violence prevention tour begins on 9/17 at Hurley in Flint. Drs. Peggs, Walden and MSU’s Bill Wadland will present there and follow later in the month at Marquette and Traverse City.
The storm-SB 0442 if passed will allow those who apply for a concealed carry permit to take their gun into schools if they request. You, our members, recently affirmed your opposition to guns in schools in a question to you. PPGV and WCMS will oppose this bill. A child is 50 times more likely to get killed outside school than inside. Schools are quite safe and should be as gun free as possible.

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