PPGV Road Trip Begins

Homecoming-Hurley Hospital Style
Bill Wadland, Jim Peggs and I went to Hurley on 9/17/15 and had a warm reception! I hadn’t been there
for over 5 decades. When I was a UM med student I tried to go to Flint and other outlying sites for rotations whenever I could. I loved Hurley and spent several months there. They treated you so well! I was a junior doctor there in contrast to being a “peon” at the U. It was great!
Now, it was great to be back. Dr. Ghassan “Gus” Bachuwa and his staff made us welcome. And the residents and guests joined us in a lively discussion on gun violence. Almost 20 new members of PPGV signed on with us. Some shared stories. A provocative one concerned a new doctor from Hurley who began practice in a nearby small town and asked about guns with his patients. Soon, a couple of men came and sat him down and told him that he shouldn’t do that in this town. Wow! What do you do then?
In the meantime we are keeping our eye on SB 0442 that allows concealed carry gun permit holders to bring guns into schools, clinics, bars, places of worship, etc. This bill is trouble!
And next we visit Marquette this week and Traverse City next- a road adventure for sure!

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