U.P. -The Road Trip turns North – 500 miles North.

The PPGV-MSU tour pulled into Marquette on 9/24 for a talk on 9/25. Dr. Bill Wadland and I ate and slept and then met Bill Short, MD, CEO and Community Associate Dean of MSU for Northern Michigan for breakfast the next morning. It was a fine start!
Everyone seems to love Marquette- and why not? It’s the “Paris of the UP” and is very pretty with rolling hills overlooking the bay on beautiful Lake Superior. At noon we spoke after chatting with students, residents and staff of the MSU site. It was another fine encounter with good observations about gun issues. Dr. Wadland’s cases are provocative and very good for the discussion. Our new mission statement “PPGV- Michigan Physicians; Educated and Empowered to Advocate for Gun Violence Prevention” gained power from this grand rounds.
PPGV added another 18 physicians and students including Bill Wadland, Bill Short, Stuart Johnson, DO, the Program Director and Ryan Brang MD another faculty member. They will be our northern satellite and this is a good start in the U.P. Dr. William Wadland and I are thinking of how we can empower each part of the group. His background as Professor and Chair of Family Medicine includes excellent clinical, research and writing skills. Bill serves as the Assistant Editor of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. He’s already created this MSU tour for us. PPGV is “on the move” with Dr. Wadland’s help!

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