National News-A Quote from the Guardian Dec. 1

Ryan Felton in Detroit A Michigan law that goes into effect Tuesday has eliminated an individualized gun license screening that critics say has prevented many potentially dangerous individuals from obtaining a concealed carry license. The law to eliminate local gun boards marks a long-sought legislative victory for gun rights advocates, who argued the boards indiscriminately […]

PPGV on the Move-the MSU Tour continues

On Thursday, Dec 3, PPGV members Bill Wadland, Sonya Lewis and Jim Peggs made a Grand Rounds presentation at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing entitled “ Gun Violence and Firearm Safety: The Physician’s Role.” The audience included resident physicians from both Pediatrics and Family Medicine as well as a number of staff and teaching physicians and […]

Gun Rights are not Absolute

In Other Countries, You’re as Likely to be Killed by a Falling Object as by a Gun

End the Gun Epidemic in America