PPGV on the Move-the MSU Tour continues

On Thursday, Dec 3, PPGV members Bill Wadland, Sonya Lewis and Jim Peggs made a Grand Rounds presentation at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing entitled “ Gun Violence and Firearm Safety: The Physician’s Role.” The audience included resident physicians from both Pediatrics and Family Medicine as well as a number of staff and teaching physicians and non-physician providers. The estimated attendance was 60 people and they proved to be a receptive and responsive audience. The discussion was particularly poignant since the San Bernadino rampage had occurred the prior day!
The speakers maintained their focus on practical ways in which clinicians can decrease the risk of gun violence in populations of patients that are particularly vulnerable: children, depressed individuals especially when users of alcohol, and people, especially women, exposed to intimate partner or domestic violence. The importance of asking about the presence of guns in the home was endorsed especially ways to “normalize” the gun question amidst other health behavior issues such as use of bike helmets, seat belts, smoking, etc. Approximately 2 dozen individuals added their names and email addresses to our member list by the end of the hour-long session. Similar presentations are scheduled in January and February for Lansing and Grand Rapids.

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