Nearing the End of the MSU Tour

On Tuesday, January 12, PPGV members Jerry Walden, Bill Wadland and Jim Peggs conducted our PPGV powerpoint presentation at Grand Rounds for the Department of Internal Medicine at Sparrow Hospital, Lansing. Estimated attendance was 30 individuals; the audience was attentive, engaged and inquisitive. We added another 14 names to our member list. Whether we ultimately managed to change behavior of any physicians or their at-risk patients is purely hopeful but at least the issue received appropriate attention.
Our next scheduled presentation is on Feb. 23 at DeVos Children’s Hospital in G.R.
We are readying our First Annual Report. Membership is now about 345 from 200 a year ago!
More Good News from Lansing- SB 442 on allowing Guns in Schools, Hospitals, College Campuses and Bars seems stalled at present. Be ready to write for a veto from Gov. Snyder!

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