Dr. Ken Silk Refutes Michigan Gun Owners

The Discussion On Gun Control Continues After Kalamazoo Shootings By JORGE AVELLAN • FEB 23, 2016 SHARETwitter Facebook Google+ Email CREDIT WIKICOMMONS Some groups are calling for gun control measures after shootings in the Kalamazoo area left six people dead, but not everybody agrees. Listen Listening… 0:28 WEMU’s Jorge Avellan reports on the gun control debate in the […]

The Guardian gives PPGV an Op Ed

When I attended a national meeting that focuses on gun violence, the National Physicians Alliance (npalliance.org) meeting last year I paid attention to 2 discussions, one led by a medical journalist and one by a union organizer. The journalist taught us to use the media as a friend, the unionist to tryto find out what your […]

Chart Notes

Hi Docs- This has been a time- from beauty of upper Michigan winter slopes to the sadness and shock of Kalamazoo shootings all in a short space. I had been invited to speak at the Snow Conference for MiACOG two weeks ago. Thanks to Dan McMurtrie for sending me to Jodie Jones. Jodie and Matt […]

HB 4795- another PPGV statement

My name is Andrew Zweifler.  I’m a physician.  The popular image of members of my profession is that of the curers of illness, dispensing powerful medications or performing lifesaving operations. But as knowledge of the causes of disease and disability has grown, doctors now are able to focus on prevention. I serve on the Executive […]

Submission to House Local Gov’t Comm on HB 4795

Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence (PPGV) is a group of 350 doctors who as our mission, are “Educated and empowered to advocate for the prevention of gun violence.” We are raising our voice in opposition as scientists trained in gun deaths and injuries. We are bringing to you our concern for the right […]

HB 4795 – a Preemptive Poison Bill

Yesterday, 2/11/16,  Andy and I went to Lansing for a hearing on  HB 4795, introduced by Rep. Lee Chatfield.  It was heard by the Local Government Committee, which Chatfield Chairs. He explained it as “putting teeth” in the law that forbids localities from creating law that the state has jurisdiction in. The NRA spoke first […]

A Good Year- 2015! and our first Annual Report

PPGV Annual Report 2015 Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence (PPGV) is a Michigan based group with its conception in 2007 following the shooting at Virginia Tech. and its organization in 2011 after US Rep. Gabby Gifford’s shooting in Tucson. In 2015 we grew to a statewide group of 330 doctors with a Mission […]