HB 4795 – a Preemptive Poison Bill

Yesterday, 2/11/16,  Andy and I went to Lansing for a hearing on  HB 4795, introduced by Rep. Lee Chatfield.
 It was heard by the Local Government Committee, which Chatfield Chairs. He explained it as “putting teeth” in the law that forbids localities from creating law that the state has jurisdiction in. The NRA spoke first and longest to this bill on invitation from the chairman a NRA member.
What it is-
It is a “Punitive Preemption” bill.
  • Firearm preemption laws specifically prohibit local governments from adopting reasonable gun laws tailored to local conditions. In other words, preemption laws prohibit cities, municipalities, school districts, libraries, etc. from setting their own firearms policies.
  • “Punitive Premption” laws say that local governments (cities, school districts, libraries, etc.) can be assessed with legal fees and punitive fines if they even try to introduce firearms polices.
Andy Zweifler and I spoke against this bill. It stiffles our local attempts to do the “right thing” for our kids in schools and our hospitals- no guns.
I will attach my comments in another post.
Now, we need to gather voices to oppose this bill. Will your medical society cast a NO? The MAFP is coming on board. The Michigan Sheriffs oppose it.  We will need help from  other voices. If there is a coalition the governor likely will not want this bill at this time.

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