The Guardian gives PPGV an Op Ed

When I attended a national meeting that focuses on gun violence, the National Physicians Alliance ( meeting last year I paid attention to 2 discussions, one led by a medical journalist and one by a union organizer. The journalist taught us to use the media as a friend, the unionist to tryto find out what your target wants.Both were very professional!

Yesterday’s Op Ed in the Guardian was both of these. My coleader, Andy Zweifler and I had spoken to HB 4795 in Lansing.  I sent a copy of my remarks to the Guardian. HB 4795 is the Preemptive Punishment Bill that would stifle dissent like the Ann Arbor School Board outlawing “Open Carry” in schools by charging court costs and fines to the dissenting party. And while in Lansing I looked for a newspaper writer, but found none. Then on Sunday I saw the invitation to write an Op Ed column and away we go! (I had mailed several pieces to other papers in vain before.) Give them what they want.
So here is the link again or you can google the Guardian and my name. Our legislature wants guns everywhere- we at PPGV and NPA don’t- it’s killing us!

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