Hospital Leaders Join

New Leaders Join PPGV
We want to introduce some new leaders to the group- we are very happy to welcome them and to have their help.
From the University of Michigan
1. Valerie Opipari, MD, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases.
2. Max Wicha, MD, Founding Director Emeritus of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center and Director of the Wicha Labratory.
From St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
1. David Fugenschuh, MD, Director of Radiology
2. Jeffrey Sanfield, MD, Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine
From Beaumont Hospital.
Samuel Bauer, MD, Medical Director, Outpatient Perinatal Clinical Services, Department of Obstetrics.
From Sparrow Hospital -Lansing
Gabriel Elia, MD, Nephrology
From Tulane University in New Orleans
Jane Andrews, MD,  Internist and Coordinator of Advocacy Program
Welcome to all of you! Thanks to Drs. J.Tulin-Silver, K. Orringer, B. Lozoff, W. Whitehouse, and T. Johnson who extended invitations this special group of new members! Our hope is that hospital-wide efforts to curtail gun violence may net new and better results!

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