Earlier Letter from Cheryl Farmer, MD Summer 2017

Earlier letter.  Summer 2017

Dear Governor Snyder,

I’m an Internist and a board member of Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence.  Our 500+ member group works to reduce gun violence  through the application of public health principles.  We strongly oppose HB 4416, HB 4417, HB 4418 and HB 4419.

There is an EPIDEMIC of gun violence in this country.  According to the American Journal of Medicine, March 2016, the overall U.S. gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than the next closest country.  For 15-24 year olds, it is 49 times higher.  The heroic notion that if everyone is armed no one will get hurt is not supported by the data.

Last month there was unanimous opposition to these bills from both your state-wide Police Chiefs’ and your  state-wide Sheriffs’ organizations, who believe these bills would endanger officers and civilians.  Please VETO these  bills if they come to your desk for signing.

Cheryl Farmer, MD

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