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Chart Notes Early Summer 2018

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Chart Notes Early Summer Part 2

Detroit Medical Center. Dr. Amrit Misra writes about our presentation earlier this year at the DMC-

“It went great! The residents and faculty enjoyed the presentation quite a bit! It was a great discussion and we enjoyed having Drs. Peggs and Whitehouse come speak!  It’s a very big issue in Detroit for our patients and we were glad to have a grand rounds about it.  Many thanks to your group for advocating for this issue – it’s a big problem in Detroit, we have had ~ 500  children/teenagers over the past 5 years  come in with gunshot wounds (just at Detroit Medical Center! doesn’t even include St Johns or Henry Ford), so almost one child admitted every four to five days, which is quite sad. This number doesn’t account for the emotional trauma as well that our kids go through seeing gun violence and knowing family members/friends who are shot”

Dr Misra is passionate about bringing some relief to the children of Detroit and we will work with him!

Another Grand Rounds happened on Feb. 9 at UM Internal Medicine. PPGV’s James Peggs moderated a panel of 3 experts on gun violence. Patrick Carter, MD, UM Injury Center researcher on Flint youth joined by  PPGV’s Sonya Lewis, MD, VA psychiatrist and April Zeoli, MSU PhD and Criminal Justice head. Lewis targeted suicide and Zeoli domestic abuse with important presentations. About 50 physicians including the UM Executive Vice Dean Carol Bradford of the Medical School attended.

PPGV Annual Report 2017 is out and attached. http://ppgv.org/?p=1174 We had a decent year highlighted by helping keep Michigan from passing more bad laws by testifying in Lansing and mailing the governor and legislature.

An Ohio Sister Organization. Abbie Youkilis, MD, an Ohio internist has contacted us about starting a similar physician group in Ohio. Abbie’s niece was Jaime Guttenberg and died in the Parkland Fl. School shooting. Our hearts are with her and we will give her a hand.

Volunteer. Robert Milstein has agreed to volunteer to help with our list and other technical work. Thanks, Bob! We also continue to need invitations to present at Grand Rounds. We are invited to staff a table at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Email us at jswalden@gmail.com if you want to do a shift.

2017 Annual Report

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2017            Annual Report, PPGV        550 physicians strong.

Mission Statement: Michigan Physicians, Educated and Empowered to Advocate for the Prevention of Gun Violence.

Operations. Our Executive Committee continued to meet monthly. Cochairs J. Walden and A.  Zweifler, Treasurer Zweifler and Secretary E. Arneson. Additionally, C.Farmer, S. Lewis, J. Peggs, W. Wadland, A. Weder, W. Whitehouse,  and T. Wilson composed our EC.  Marguerite (Peg) Shearer joined and Hugh Solomon, Jeffrey Tulin-Silver, and AC (Chris) Elkins stepped down.

1.Education. We made a Grand Round presentation at Muskegon Hospital and with UMMS Student AMA chapter adding new members. Additionally, Drs. Zweifler and Lewis made a special presentation in April, 2017 at the Rotary World Conference on Peace held in Ann Arbor. Presentations were made at the Rotary Club of Taylor, Michigan and the First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor. Last, Bill Wadland led in an innovative journalism class for high school students from the Grand Traverse area discussing gun violence prevention issues.

2.Curriculum. PPGV continues an affiliation with UM Psychiatry Department making a popular presentation to UM medical students (15-30 at a time) as part of their 3rd year clerkship in psychiatry. PPGV psychiatrist Sonya Lewis has assumed primary responsibility for this effort with occasional assistance from Drs.Zweifler and Peggs. Thus, PPGV presents to every UM medical student.  Our presentation continues to evolve during our presentations depending on our audience. The presentation to the psych students focuses on suicide, domestic partner abuse and children’s accidental deaths. Homicides, mass shootings, gag laws and stand your ground laws are included in grand rounds. Our medical student opportunity, begun in 2016, is considered crucial to developing the physician voice in our struggle to prevent gun violence

3.Advocacy. PPGV also advocated for smarter gun safety legislation by attending several legislative hearings in Lansing and numerous marches and rallies in support of efforts to prevent gun violence. The Michigan House passed a bill that would have allowed any legal gun owner to carry a gun anywhere he can now with no training. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2017/06/07/concealed-guns-without-permits/102600024/ This bill and 30 others including allowing guns in previously off limits places like schools, hospitals, bars and day care centers caused us to visit Lansing many times giving testimony. Our testimony fell on dead ears in the Republican House and Senate. Then we wrote the legislators and finally the governor asking for his veto if the bills passed. The bills stalled fortunately.  See the website for more details.

  1. Publications and Letters to the Editor. Dr. James Peggs had a LTE in Family Medicine http://www.stfm.org/FamilyMedicine/Vol49Issue8/Peggs653  commenting on W. Wadland’s earlier article http://www.stfm.org/FamilyMedicine/Vol48Issue9/Wadland679 that it is always right to ask about guns in the home.

5.Media, Art and Celebrations. We attended the Washtenaw Co. Sheriff’s Spring Annual Gun Safety Day and Wear Orange Day, June 2.

6.Meetings. Dr. Walden attended the annual MAFP meeting to advocate for involvement in gun violence issues. Zweifler and Lewis attended the Chicago meeting (see above).

7.Partners. The Michigan Academy of Family Practice (MAFP) is planning on more cooperative work with Michigan Academy of Pediatrics on GV. Dr. Walden is a member of the MAFP Advocacy Committee. Walden became a Sandy Hook Promise leader and investigated avenues of installation of this student led program in area schools. SHP is to decrease shootings in youth by making their spaces safer.

8.Recruiting /Activism. We continue to work for a gun-free environment in our hospitals and clinics and in public spaces. With leadership from Dr. Whitehouse we were able to recruit several medical directors from St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor. We continue to work with leaders at other Trinity Health hospitals in southeastern Michigan as well as IHA. We continue to search for partners.

Wear Orange Day June 2 Ann Arbor

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Wear Orange Day June 2, 2018 was an impressive call to action locally. After Washtenaw County Moms Demand Action leader, Celeste Kanpurwala poignantly recounted losing her own father to self inflicted gun violence, our own PPGV member, Sonya Lewis took the stage. Lewis admitted that when asked “How to console small children about safety in schools?” she had no best answer. She spoke about the importance of leading through sustained action. Hearing her read the names, ages, and homes of the 10 Michigan children who have died this year from gun shot wounds brought home our pain in this struggle – a struggle that communities of color have known and endured since the crack epidemic of the 70s and 80s. Dr. Lewis’s remarks are attached to this message. file:///C:/Users/JSWalden/Downloads/WearOrangeRemarksSonyaLewis.pdf

Saturday’s roster included Debbie Dingell, who talked about her Red Flag bill – a piece of legislation that would enable guns to be temporarily removed from individuals who are at risk of harming themselves or others. Crafted with Republicans and modeled after an Indiana bill that VP Pence supported, Rep. Dingell hopes to gain further bipartisan support in Congress in order to pass this life saving bill. We hope you will call Rep. Dingell’s office and thank her for introducing this legislation. It is important for her to hear our supportive voices, particularly since she informed us that she has recently become a focus of the NRA, receiving hate mail and being targeted in vicious TV ads.

Recent Pioneer High School graduate, Marquan Kane called us to admit the role of poverty in gun violence. Sheriff Jerry Clayton, as well as several other student activists and hosts from Moms Demand Action spoke passionately about the urgency of action.

Orange was everywhere inspiring us physicians and community folk to keep the faith!

Never Again. Enough. Not One More.