Chart Notes Early Summer 2018

Chart Notes Early Summer Part 2 Detroit Medical Center. Dr. Amrit Misra writes about our presentation earlier this year at the DMC- “It went great! The residents and faculty enjoyed the presentation quite a bit! It was a great discussion and we enjoyed having Drs. Peggs and Whitehouse come speak!  It’s a very big issue […]

2017 Annual Report

2017            Annual Report, PPGV        550 physicians strong. Mission Statement: Michigan Physicians, Educated and Empowered to Advocate for the Prevention of Gun Violence. Operations. Our Executive Committee continued to meet monthly. Cochairs J. Walden and A.  Zweifler, Treasurer Zweifler and Secretary E. Arneson. Additionally, C.Farmer, S. Lewis, J. Peggs, W. Wadland, […]

Wear Orange Day June 2 Ann Arbor

Wear Orange Day June 2, 2018 was an impressive call to action locally. After Washtenaw County Moms Demand Action leader, Celeste Kanpurwala poignantly recounted losing her own father to self inflicted gun violence, our own PPGV member, Sonya Lewis took the stage. Lewis admitted that when asked “How to console small children about safety in schools?” […]