Chart Notes Early Summer 2018

Chart Notes Early Summer Part 2

Detroit Medical Center. Dr. Amrit Misra writes about our presentation earlier this year at the DMC-

“It went great! The residents and faculty enjoyed the presentation quite a bit! It was a great discussion and we enjoyed having Drs. Peggs and Whitehouse come speak!  It’s a very big issue in Detroit for our patients and we were glad to have a grand rounds about it.  Many thanks to your group for advocating for this issue – it’s a big problem in Detroit, we have had ~ 500  children/teenagers over the past 5 years  come in with gunshot wounds (just at Detroit Medical Center! doesn’t even include St Johns or Henry Ford), so almost one child admitted every four to five days, which is quite sad. This number doesn’t account for the emotional trauma as well that our kids go through seeing gun violence and knowing family members/friends who are shot”

Dr Misra is passionate about bringing some relief to the children of Detroit and we will work with him!

Another Grand Rounds happened on Feb. 9 at UM Internal Medicine. PPGV’s James Peggs moderated a panel of 3 experts on gun violence. Patrick Carter, MD, UM Injury Center researcher on Flint youth joined by  PPGV’s Sonya Lewis, MD, VA psychiatrist and April Zeoli, MSU PhD and Criminal Justice head. Lewis targeted suicide and Zeoli domestic abuse with important presentations. About 50 physicians including the UM Executive Vice Dean Carol Bradford of the Medical School attended.

PPGV Annual Report 2017 is out and attached. We had a decent year highlighted by helping keep Michigan from passing more bad laws by testifying in Lansing and mailing the governor and legislature.

An Ohio Sister Organization. Abbie Youkilis, MD, an Ohio internist has contacted us about starting a similar physician group in Ohio. Abbie’s niece was Jaime Guttenberg and died in the Parkland Fl. School shooting. Our hearts are with her and we will give her a hand.

Volunteer. Robert Milstein has agreed to volunteer to help with our list and other technical work. Thanks, Bob! We also continue to need invitations to present at Grand Rounds. We are invited to staff a table at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Email us at if you want to do a shift.