2018 MSMS Presentation and the Election

PPGV Update for MSMS Annual Meeting and the Election.

Exciting News- PPGV is presenting at the Annual MSMS Meeting. We have a 3 hour presentation on Gun Violence Prevention. Come and see and support your organization. Thursday October 25 at 9 AM. Sheraton Detroit Novi.

PPGV’s Election Selections.

Debbie Stabenaw  US Senate

Debbie Dingell   US House of Representives Michigan 12

Gretchen Driskell  US House Michigan 7.

Gretchen Whitmer Governor and the Democratic Slate of officials.

The Michigan legislative list especially focuses on our help for Donna Lasinski, Yousef Rabhi, Julia Pulver, Sean McCann, Christine Greig, Robert Wittenberg and Jon Hoadley.

Michigan Supreme Court.  Sam Bagenstos and Megan Cavanaugh.

Yes on Proposition 2 against Gerrymandering and Yes on Proposition 3 for Voter support measures.

The Election. This is a very important election. For the last few years PPGV has struggled with a legislature that has been Republican controlled and antagonistic to gun safety. That is strongly said but it has been our experience. We have come away from Lansing humbled knowing that our science-based advice has not been appreciated. We have been derided by legislators on the Right. Our hopes to develope bipartisan allies have not materialized. We need new legislators!

Debbie Stabenaw for US Senate has been a fine progressive voice for gun safety. Gretchen Whitmer is our choice and the NRA’s endorsement of Bill Schutte for governor only underscores his antagonism to PPGV positions. Among other attributes Debbie Dingell is sponsoring a Red Flag Law, one which PPGV and the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians have supported as a sensible approach that saves lives. (She is getting targeted by the NRA even though there are Republican cosponsors for this legislation.) Gretchen Driskell is our choice in the 7th District. Tim Walberg, the incumbent has been strongly pro-gun.

In the Michigan Supreme Court both Bagenstos and Cavanaugh have great experience and are lawyers  committed to the underserved. Current justice, Kurtis Wilder is a Federalist member and Elizabeth Clinton was in Governor Snyder’s office and has less court experience. Our court will act as a buffer  to the US Supreme Court and if we elect more progressive voices that Bagenstos and Cavanaugh bring it will shift the court from Republican 5-2 to Democratic 4-3.

Vote on Nov. 6. Help protect our patients from gun violence. Thanks for your efforts!