Countering Violence

In response to the recent violence in our country PPGV Executive Committee (EC) has 3 actions you need to know. The pipe bombs targeting Democratic leaders and the killings in the Squirrel Hill synagogue are actions being fueled by a rhetoric that is foreign to anything in memory. But, we have found some counter actions.
1. Giving. The EC in your name is giving generous checks ($500 each) to the Parkland Fl. and Chicago youth groups who have a new, strong voice opposed to gun violence. Their voice needs financial help. And we are giving another check to a group of survivors of gun violence. Generous giving lifts our spirit! Thank you.
2. Building Community. The youth groups, B.R.A.V.E and March For Our Lives are receiving the annual Wallenberg award at the UM and giving the lecture Nov 14. It promises to be inspiring! For free tickets
3. Voting. Please join us in voting for candidates with good records on gun violence. Some of them are as follows.
Debbie Stabenaw US Senate, Debbie Dingell US House of Representives Michigan 12
Gretchen Driskell US House Michigan 7,Gretchen Whitmer Governor and the Democratic Slate of officials.
The PPGV legislative list focuses on our help for Donna Lasinski, Yousef Rabhi, Julia Pulver, Sean McCann, Christine Greig, Robert Wittenberg and Jon Hoadley- all with good gv credentials.
Michigan Supreme Court. Sam Bagenstos and Megan Cavanaugh.
Yes on Proposition 2 against Gerrymandering and Yes on Proposition 3 for Voter support measures.
The Michigan Resources to find best candidates:
Vote Smart (non-partisan, national)
League of Women Voters (non-partisan, Michigan)

Finally for Democrats and also Republicans the App will allow you to reach out to friends to vote with you. We all need each other!