Spring Update

Chart Notes 2.  April 2019

Thanks to you donors for your generous response to our Spring Appeal for PPGV. We received $ 2000. There is still time to help if you can. We are supporting 3 youth groups who have stepped up in this time to change the response to our gun crisis- including one here in Washtenaw County. Go on line to ppgv.org and hit the donate button or send a check to PPGV PO Box 4415 Ann Arbor, Mi. 48106

We are excited about our 2 new Executive Committee members. 1. Willie James. Mr. James is a retiree from General Motors who comes to us from the world of finance. He attends Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Ypsilanti- a church that just celebrated 175 years of remarkable history. https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/2018/11/brown_chapel_ame_church_celebr.html 2. Welton Craig Washington, MD. Dr. Washington is a psychiatrist who works with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health. He attended UM Medical School and residency finishing in 2006. He is actively involved in the education of both medical students and psychiatry residents and is the recipient of multiple teaching awards.  He has witnessed the devastating effects of gun violence at the local and national level and is passionate about gun reform. Welcome Willie and Craig!

Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama, was asked recently about the one thing we Americans should worry about. Instead she responded with 3 things. 1. Cyber Security. 2. The Climate 3. Gun Violence.  Not surprisingly she didn’t mention immigrants or the border. But gun violence- a national crisis in her eyes- and ours.  So let’s push on!


Coming soon – our extensive speaking schedule and the 2018 Annual Report.