PPGV Speaking

Spring Opportunities for PPGV-  Join us at St. Joe AA, IHA, and Beaumont. Yesterday, May 14   A presentation before the Medical Executive Committee of Saint Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, which we believe is the first hospital in Michigan and probably in the US to have all the medical executives joined in an organization to prevent of gun […]

Annual Report for 2018

2018 Annual Report, PPGV        660 physicians strong. Mission Statement: Michigan Physicians: Educated and Empowered to Advocate for Gun Violence Prevention. Operations. Our Executive Committee continues to meet monthly. Cochairs J. Walden and A.  Zweifler,Treasurer Zweifler, and Secretary E. Arneson. Membership T. Wilson, Welcome W. Whitehouse, Gov. Relations S. Dombey. Communication, S. Lewis. Others listed on panel. […]