PPGV 2019 Annual Report- summary.

Summary of the 2019 Annual Report: Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence There are now 730 members of PPGV. Please join us. Our leadership group has expanded to include Willie James and Welton Craig Washington, Jr.MD SUMMARY: Our major efforts continue to be education and public advocacy and support for legislative activities supporting gun […]

A Trauma Surgeons Post- Covid, a Kid, a Gun, a Death.

Dr. Shaikh trained under PPGV’s Dr. Mac Whitehouse. This is her story. Almaas Shaikh April 14 at 10:54 PM ยท COVID Chronicles LEGOS With a bottle of hydrogen peroxide I soak a towel and clean the small little lifeless bloody hand on the gurney. At the intersection of science and emotion my mind wanders as […]

Thanks and Gratitude to our Caregivers

Tuesday, April 7. Hello Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses who are members of the Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence. Thank you, Sisters and Brothers for being on the Front Line in this pandemic of Covid 19 and taking care of all our other health issues as well! All health personnel are […]