PPGV 2019 Annual Report- summary.

Summary of the 2019 Annual Report: Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence

There are now 730 members of PPGV. Please join us.

Our leadership group has expanded to include Willie James and Welton Craig Washington, Jr.MD

SUMMARY: Our major efforts continue to be education and public advocacy and support for legislative activities supporting gun registration and regulation.

Education: Dr. James Peggs continues to spearhead our educational activities:

  • PPGV members presented to 12 physician and community groups this the year.
  • Dr. Sonya Lewis has developed a teaching module for University of Michigan medical students as part of their Department of Psychiatry clinical rotation.
  • PPGV has prepared a slide presentation focused on gun violence prevention which is available to others for educational activities.

Advocacy: PPGV continues to advocate for gun violence mitigation efforts by:

  • Lobbying Michigan state legislators
  • Supporting the efforts of medical societies including the American Public Health Association, the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians and the Michigan State Medical Society
  • Speaking out publically at local events supporting gun violence reduction efforts
  • Supporting youth advocacy groups

Nationally this was the year following the 2018 youth movement response to the Parkland, Florida shooting and the “Stay in your lane” directive by the NRA. In 2019 physicians everywhere proclaimed “This is OUR LANE”, but Michigan was disappointing legislatively as passing a lifesaving Extreme Risk Protection Order, or Red Flag Bill, was impossible given the composition of the Michigan legislature. Nevertheless, we are encouraged that more physicians and more citizens groups are supportive of our gun violence prevention goals. We urge you to join PPGV in our mission to prevent gun violence.