Chart Notes Summer 2020

Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence (PPGV) is in transition in 2 ways.

First, our co-founder and co-leader Andy Zweifler is stepping down from leadership and Sonya Lewis has been selected to fill this role. Andy will continue on our executive committee and we will continue to enjoy his energy and wisdom for gun safety. Thanks, Andy!   Sonya’s many attributes, especially as a writer and champion will be utilized even more fully.

Second, we are applying for not-for-profit 501c3 status. Mac Whitehouse, our treasurer, is leading this initiative. Donors will get to apply for tax relief on our completion. Stay tuned.

Is the NRA in hot water? The NRA has long been the bane of gun violence prevention groups, even telling physicians in 2018 to “Stay in our Lane” and not use our voice to try to influence policy on GVP. This caused wide anger among physicians. The NRA executives including Wayne LaPierre, a GVP nemesis, have been sued for fraud. The charges are impressive. If LaPierre leaves maybe the new leaders will be less oppositional.

Who should we elect in November? Finding a Gun Sense Candidate on Moms Demand Action web platform will help you decide. Then use your voice to get that person elected. For the past 2 years PPGV has supported positive legislation in Michigan, specifically the “Red Flag Law” or Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Nineteen states have the law.  We were successful in getting the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians to also advocate for this law, but without any Republican legislative help we have been stymied. We urgently need more gun-sense candidates. Your voice can help them win.