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Murphy Delivers Senate Floor Remarks on Oxford High School Shooting, GOP Pro-Life Hypocrisy

A Book Review by William Wadland, MD of….

A Clinician’s Guide for Preventing Pediatric FirearmInjuries and Fatalities Pediatric Firearm Injuries and Fatalities: TheClinician’s Guide to Policies and Approaches to Firearm Harm Prevention. Lois K. Lee, Eric W. Fleegler,eds. Springer Nature Switzerland, 2021, 239 pages.$119.99 hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-03062244-2

In Feb. 2015, PPGV physician spoke at a committee meeting of the Michigan House of Representatives against SB 34 eliminating county gun licensing boards in Michigan. However, Gov. Snyder signed this bill despite our efforts and the protests of national expert Daniel Webster at Johns Hopkins University. The bill unwisely allows some persons with personal protective orders against them to purchase a gun unless the judge specifically prohibits it. Gov. signs.