Lent and PPGV’s Push for National Gun Violence Sabbath

Tomorrow begins Lent- Ash Wednesday. And our National Gun Sabbath is less than 2 weeks away.
There is a lot going on for PPGV right now. I hope you are still inviting local churches,synagogues, and mosques to at least say a prayer on Mar 15 and 16 to be in solidarity with those who have lost life and health to gun violence. Is First Presbyterian on board? First Baptist? the Mennonites and other peace churches, the Ypsi churches? and the local synagogues and Mosques? If you are a member it’s up to you to invite the leaders. Use the Faiths United info on our website to show how easy it is to do something. Go for it! Add your place of worship.
Next Macomb Co. made a resolution about a state wide June for Gun Violence Appreciation Month we are talking to them about partnering with PPGV and working with other counties.
The Michigan Academy of Family Physicians wants us to make resolutions on gun violence that can be debated in the June state meeting. Anyone want to help with this? They also have an article from me to push the envelope- asking MAFP to be a leader with the American Ass. of Pediatricians on this focus on gun violence this year.
Also statewide we are fostering dialogue among different Medical groups on working to gether on gun violence.

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