Asian targeted gun violence

Sonya Lewis Mar 21, 2021, 9:07 AM (2 days ago) Dear Friends and Colleagues,  Our hearts are heavy following last week’s murders of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were women of Asian descent.  Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence is steadfast in our commitment to eliminating the interconnected scourges of racism, misogyny, […]

The Repetition of Gun Deaths

Sonya Lewis 8:12 AM (2 hours ago) I posted the following reflection on my personal Facebook page but I thought I’d also share it with you. I’m just so sick and tired of living this way. Last night I dreamt our family moved to New Zealand. Anyway, please be safe and thanks to all of […]

March Notes

March news- PPGV is a new 501c3 not-for-profit corporation! More on this soon. The Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence (PPGV is a member) is calling for signatures to end guns in the Michigan Capitol in Lansing. This is “our lane”. Link to sign is at the bottom of the Michigan Coalition letter. Now […]

Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings Doctors and Friends, As 2020 comes to a close Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence are grateful for many things. · We have vaccines against the COVID 19 virus and a path to safety that looks promising. · We are also on a path to becoming a non-profit corporation- a 501c3. The […]

Chart Notes Summer 2020

Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence (PPGV) is in transition in 2 ways. First, our co-founder and co-leader Andy Zweifler is stepping down from leadership and Sonya Lewis has been selected to fill this role. Andy will continue on our executive committee and we will continue to enjoy his energy and wisdom for gun […]

Responding to police violence and our history of racism

Everyone is called upon for answers today. How are we physicians to respond to the recent deaths of African Americans at the hands of police and to the protests against police violence? We are deeply saddened and outraged by the senseless killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. These are but three recent […]

Wear Orange Day June 5

Dear Docs, June 5 is national Wear Orange Day. So, it is less than a week away. This year with the corona virus there may be less in person interaction, but dust off your orange for our day. Hadiya Pendleton’s memory is a focus- orange was her favorite color and she was shot as a […]

2019 PPGV Annual Report

. We are now 730 physicians strong 1. Operations Our Executive Committee continues to meet monthly. Cochairs: J. Walden and A. Zweifler Treasurer: W.M. Whitehouse, Secretary: E. Arneson Membership: T. Wilson Welcome Host: WM Whitehouse Governmental Relations: S. Dombey, Education: J. Peggs Communication: S. Lewis Audio/Visual: A. Weder. 2. Education Grand Rounds and other educational […]

PPGV 2019 Annual Report- summary.

Summary of the 2019 Annual Report: Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence There are now 730 members of PPGV. Please join us. Our leadership group has expanded to include Willie James and Welton Craig Washington, Jr.MD SUMMARY: Our major efforts continue to be education and public advocacy and support for legislative activities supporting gun […]

A Trauma Surgeons Post- Covid, a Kid, a Gun, a Death.

Dr. Shaikh trained under PPGV’s Dr. Mac Whitehouse. This is her story. Almaas Shaikh April 14 at 10:54 PM · COVID Chronicles LEGOS With a bottle of hydrogen peroxide I soak a towel and clean the small little lifeless bloody hand on the gurney. At the intersection of science and emotion my mind wanders as […]